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I love my oils! I use Slim & Sassy, deep blue, vetiver & Peppermint EVERY DAY!! I use oils for everything! On my kids and dogs too! Love, love, love! Oh and I also use ALL the supplements!!”

- T. Cameron, CO

I have been so blessed, signing up under Rebecca.  She does not only sells doTERRA, she truly believes and helps you learn to take care of your family naturally.”    Thank You!!

- M D Chrisley, Christiansburg Va.

Been using oils for years?

Or is this your first time hearing about them?

Either way, I’m here to help you learn about thousands of ways to use them to improve your quality of life.

But first, let’s get a few common FAQs about doTERRA out of the way:

No! You absolutely DO NOT have to sell anything after you join.

There is no commitment after you join – no monthly minimum and nothing to cancel. Simple buy products at wholesale pricing (25% off retail) for one year whenever you want.

It costs $35 to join, but most people buy an enrollment kit, which includes the enrollment fee and an extra discount on the oils.

Yes! I really do think doTERRA is the best essential oil company. You can read why here.

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doTERRA Review from a Mother

“DoTERRA has changed my family’s life… literally.

My daughter minimizes the effects of seasonal threats with Breathe Respiratory Blend and lime essential oil.

I have less issues with occasional stomach upset thanks to peppermint essential oil and Digestzen Digestive Blend.

InTune Focus Blend helps my husband keep his focus while getting his master’s degree.

My youngest daughter even asks for Serenity Restful Blend at night and goes to sleep so much easier with it!

We recently moved to Germany where my husband serves in the USAF and using On Guard Protective Blend along with the A2Z Chewables really helps support our healthy immune function.

It’s wonderful knowing I can help my family with everyday issues and health naturally. I have comfort using doTERRA, whereas I never had that with conventional medicine. “

– S. Nichols

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I love doTERRA, not just because it’s the new fad in town but because it really works. You have to try it your self to know the truth. I recommend the peppermint and deep blue oil, but there are so many others to choose from. Have fun using these wonderful oils in many different ways.”

– K. Mozina

“Two months ago I joined Doterra as a wholesale buyer but in one week knew I was going to do it as a business. The reason is simple, the oils work – and they work quickly and effectively.

Rubbing On Guard on my feet morning and night and diffusing it during the day really helped support my healthy immune function.

I’ve had success with rubbing peppermint on my stomach to alleviate occasional stomach upset.

If you want to try a quality product that will help support your health, then definitely try doTERRA Essential Oils.”

– D. Davis

doTERRA Review from Member Since 2014

“I began my doTERRA journey when I went home for Christmas 2013 and my sister shared her Wild Orange Essential Oil with me and I loved it. Rebecca has been such a blessing educating me on Doterra oils that I have now signed up under her as an LRP.

Her communication skills are the best I’ve seen in years. I’m impressed on how quickly she responds to me, always responding with excellence. I never have to get frustrated in waiting for a response or having to repeat my question to her. She is extremely thorough and responsive.

I love her passion and continual efforts to forward practical information out to her LRPs. I believe Rebecca wants the best for her family and wants to share her bests with the world.  I am grateful our paths have crossed even though we are miles apart. I hope someday to meet up with her to give her thanks in person for changing my life and my family’s life for the better.”

– Cathy G.

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