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Essential Oils and Their Uses Including an Essential Oil Uses Chart

Here is a list of essential oils and their uses including an essential oils uses chart. Help your body systems function properly on their own and support your immune system. There are so many ways to use essential oils and if you are wanting to learn more about essential oils and their uses, you have come to the right place. CLICK…
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What is Your Favorite Essential Oil?

doTERRA Starter Kit – Family Essentials Kit and Beadlets

Description doTERRA Starter Kit – Family Essentials Kit: (5 mL bottles) Click the link for each product below to see even more uses for each product included in the Family Essentials Kit. Many of the posts have at least 30 ideas of ways to use each essential oil that aren’t included on this list. Lavender Lemon Peppermint Melaleuca Oregano Frankincense Deep Blue…
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doTERRA Diffuser Reviews – What is the Best Essential Oil Diffuser?

doTERRA Diffuser Reviews – What is the Best Essential Oil Diffuser? I’ve done the research now all you have to do is decide which diffuser suits your needs best. There are different diffusers and they all work in basically the same way – but which is the best? The best doTERRA diffuser depends on your needs and which you like…
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doTERRA Diffuser Blends

doTERRA Winter Diffuser Blends with Helpful Recipes

Here you can learn about doTERRA Winter Diffuser Blends with recipes. If you’re like me, you need all the inspiration you can get to make it through the winter, so that’s why I found these doTERRA Winter Diffuser Blends. Most of them center around New Year’s resolutions, fresh starts, snow or pine trees. I love how I can diffuse essential…
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doTERRA “Recipes”

The 25 Best doTERRA Drink Recipes Including Smoothies

The Best doTERRA Drink Recipes including smoothies. Smoothies are the rage these days and rightfully so. They can be a complete meal in a glass. When you need to add some lovely flavor to your smoothie a few drops of essential oils are definitely the easiest way to go. Adding essential oils to your drinks also works really well, especially…
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