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My Current, Ongoing Incentives to Sign Up for doTERRA

Get $50 in free essential oils for joining doTERRA with Best Essential Oils. Plus other incentives like $100 for 3 months of LRP orders and the Modern Essentials book and get one person added to your team for every person you add. I don't know of better incentive from doTERRA. This is on top of any incentives doTERRA is currently offering.Sign up for doTERRA as a Wellness Advocate (not Preferred Member) with a 100 PV first order (to see PV, look at the volume column. For the first order, this is usually $150 or so since the enrollment fee doesn't have PV)  and get:
  • 50 PV of free doTERRA essential oils of your choice (After signing up, please contact me with what oil and/or oils you would like)
Optional - if you maintain 100PV LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) for 3 months, get: Optional - for every person you sign up as a Wellness Advocate with a 100PV+ order (I will train you via email), get:
  • 50 PV of free oils (This is on top of the 20% Fast Start Bonus you will receive from doTERRA for the first 60 days)
  • I add at least one person to your team for every person you sign up
  • All the above incentives to everyone on your team

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  1. Can you please let me know how the free $50 in product works? Do I sign up, place my enrollment order – then after that is done is the $50 free like a “credit” towards my next order? Or is this $50 in free product done directly through you?

    • Awesome. One more question. If I sign up for the LRP, am I committing to anything beyond Oct & Nov for sales? Or can I just opt out of that starting in December? Thank you for the info. 🙂 I have never used the oils before so I am interested in seeing if they really work well.

      • You are not committing yourself. You can change the LRP order online yourself at any time and/or delete it. If you do delete it, you lose any points you’ve accumulated but that’s all.

  2. I love your site. I have printed many of your recipes. I just joined the Do-terra family and am loving my essential oils. I brought my lotus defuser to work and my co-workers love it. With insurance cost going out of control and medical bills many of us can’t afford insurance anymore so we have to take care of ourselves the natural and healthy way, by living a clean and active life and protecting our cells and building a strong immune system. Essential oils are a great way to start.

  3. can you please tell me and send me info on how to decide how to take the oils and how often-whether to put on the foot -or hand or ear-like your chart-or whether to take internally under the tongue-in a capsule or to breathe it in thru the nose. Im confused as WHEN TO DO WHAT-WITH EACH DIFFERENT OIL? Really appreciate that info–I find charts on where to put on the feet and hands and earsBUT DONT KNOW WHICH WAY TO TAKE EACH OIL TO BE OF THE MOST BENEFIT-internal-under tongue-capsule-external -aroma-smell wise-and then how often–and how much –daily- Thnks -appreciate the info–doris 🙂

  4. If you sign up as IPC and enroll with the Loyalty Rewards, I understand that the following month you can change it down to 1PV to still be enrolled and keep points & percentage. Are there anythings that are 1PV? Also do you get free shipping on the Loyalty Rewards? If not what is the shipping?

  5. Thank you for having an awesome website with great info! I have been getting into essential oils and they are truly changing my life for the better.

  6. I have just started on the road to learning about essential oils. I can not wait to read all the material you have posted about the uses of something so beneficial and created by nature.

  7. Is all of this info still relevant?
    I’m seriously considering signing up. I’m very new to essential oils & it seems to be the best & most cost effective way to build up my supply & get my family going as well. Thank you!

  8. So, if I sign up as an IPC under you, what do I need to do specifically to get my free book and free $50 in oils? Also, can I get the oils of my choice in the $50 deal, or is it just specific ones? Thanks!

  9. Interested in signing up with you. Does the book and $50 in free oil apply if you sign up as a preferred member?

  10. Thank you for giving us crunchy moms a great blog to follow, with opportunities to try new products on our families!

  11. I see as of Feb all incinitives were still current, is this still curently being offered? If I sign up this month as IPC and do a order over the $100 also doing the LRP, Would this month be included in the 3 months to qualify for the free $100 in products? Do you recieve credit on LRP for the initial sign up order?

    • Yes, the incentives are still current. Normally you start LRP the month after you sign up but I’m pretty sure you can start it this month. Either way, the 3 months will count. You can even wait a few months to decide if you want to do LRP for sure and as long as you do 3 months in a row, you’ll qualify for the $100 in products. You do not receive LRP credit for the initial sign up order.

  12. If I sign up by March 28 and buy $200 first order, will that include the Deep blue special for March?
    Do you add the $50 free products that I email to you to my first order, or is there a separate order with more shipping costs?

    • Yes, there is a special through the end of March for a free 5ml bottle of Deep Blue and a free Deep Blue rub with every order that has 200 volume or higher. Plus, all my specials listed on this page are still available, including the $50 in free oils with a $100 first order.

  13. I’ve tried past tense and it is quite soothing. I particularly love using it on my neck after a stressful day. It definitely helps relieve tension. I am still a complete novice with essential oils.

  14. Hi, I am reluctant to use my SSN. What is SIN? Or is there something else I could do. Can I just order from you the things I would like to get cheaper? Thanks, Patsy

    • The SSN is so you can’t sign up with more than one account and so if you sell it and make more than $600 in income in a year they can send you a 1099. If you call Customer Service, they may have an alternative that will work for you. I do know that if you sign up as Preferred Member you don’t have to provide your SSN so that could be an option. Preferred isn’t nearly as good though cause you only get 20% off retail instead of 25% off and you can’t put anyone under you and you have to call on the phone to change your LRP orders. But it’s a good option for some people. . . .

  15. My favourite fb page 🙂 so many recipes that are now an integral part of our day to day nutrition 🙂

  16. I am currently trying to convince my husband essential oils really do work. I have been using a sample for 2 days now and it works for me!

  17. I am getting really interested. Just looked at that scan thing..really neat. I have a friend that sells it too.

  18. How do I join under you? Is your promotion still current ? What’s your advocate number? Thank you.

    • Sorry to just jump in here…..but what about people who wish to move to another upline? Are your incentives still available? I’m already a wellness advocate, but I am looking to change my team….Are your promotions still available? I do order order the $125 autoship, so that wouldn’t be an issue. Please let me know, as I’d love to join your team!

  19. I just stared using essentia oils, I have purchased a book to learn more about
    there healing effects . I love your site and learning more that as been posted from others

  20. Hi
    just wanted to say thanks for the introductory kit and the awesome infuser! having fun with my stuff. I have been researching Medieval Herbalism for some 20 years now and have made a lot of Medieval recipes but not so much with the essential oils as with the herbs themselves so I am enjoying playing with the oils.

  21. Do you have a favorite diffuser that you use? I am looking into the Lotus diffuser, but wanted to get you input as to if you have a different favorite. Thanks for your time!

  22. Just signed up for a family physician kit today. Started using them at Cleveland Clinic- excited to try more!

  23. Just discovering your website. Love it so far. I have been reading up recently on essential oils and have heard many positive things.

  24. Defnitely. The only thing is, depending where you are at if the shipping in insanely high sometimes I’ll just send PayPal so you can buy the oils yourself or just not send the Dr. Me book if you would rather have the oils. We would love to have you join though!

  25. Hi! I’m loving your incentives and I definitely want to get the FamPhys Kit!! I was wondering if there was a way I could just get the oils instead of the book to cut shipping costs. I’m in Northern California, and working on a bit of a budget, so joining your team seemed like the best thing to do 🙂 Thanks so much! Hope to hear back from you soon 🙂

  26. So excited, finally took the plunge and become a wellness advocate under you. Have tried a few essential oils and am in love with how they work. My husband is now a believer. So excited to get my kit and learn more.

  27. Hi! I am very interested in joining your team. Can you send me more info? Also, what are the specials for July?


    • I signed up under you last week, and I’m so excited my kit will be here Monday. I cannot wait to get my family started on this journey with essential oils.

  28. Eeep! Just got my family physican kit in. So excited!!! Am loving that I finally signed up and am so glad I signed up under you, I have found some really great resources on your page.

  29. I have been looking at your website and thinking about trying oils for my family – very informative!

  30. I have been learning from your emails about these essential oils. They are amazing at what they can help with. I would have never known about them if I did not read them on your website. Thank you for all your information!

  31. I am interested in signing up with you. When I tried it showed an internal error. Will you please e-mail me to discuss the benefits of signing up with you.

    Thank you,


  32. I ordered the Family Physician Kit and I was very happy with it….I just signed up today because there are so many other oils I want to get. I am so glad I found out about essential oils.

  33. Thank you so much for all your information. My husband and I have been considering moving towards essential oils and you have helped us answer a lot of questions! Thank you!

  34. I always enjoy reading the interesting posts you write about oils. I have been using them for almost 1 year and I cant believe that something this wonderful was unknown to me for so long. Thank you for writing this blog —

  35. You’ve been using them almost from the beginning then. Cool. I wish I would have found them sooner. Good to hear from you.

  36. I just started using EO’s….I think I could get addicted! Lol. I appreciate all the information you share with us newbies.

  37. Have just started using Essential Oils a few months ago. So far I am very happy with the ones I have tried. Hoping to get more soon.

  38. doōTERRA has changed my life! I decided to sign up to become a Wellness Advocate and have sworn by the oils ever since. I am slowly converting all of my friends into believers as well. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts on the blog- I feel like they have helped me in my transition to a healthier, more natural way of living, and for that I say thank you! Merry Christmas!

  39. I am so glad I found your blog! I’m pretty sure I found it thru pinterest… I’ve been googling and pinning for far too long today. I’m totally ignoring my kids as they are sliding down the stairs. It’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt… maybe? 😉

  40. Love the visual aid images on here that show how to use EOs! Very useful tools to help us know some different applications for the various essential oils. I’ve been using essential oils the past few years and enjoy getting to know more about them. They’re also great for cleaning the house!

  41. Thank you so much for all the wonderful, helpful information. I have been doing a lot of research on EO. It can get very overwhelming with all the different information out there. I will put this page on my favorites bar to come back to for information when needed. I can’t wait to get started on EO and see how they work for myself and my family!

  42. Hoping to find just the right blend of EOs to heal trigger finger and an ongoing sore throat. Thank you for your informative site!

  43. I have never tried essential oils and have been doing some research on it for the best ones to use. I would love to be able to try this!!! It is very interesting on how many things these oils can do. I love reading your tidbits that I get from you. Thanks!

  44. If I sign up as a wellness advocate, do I have to buy so much product each month? Is the shipping free? (I have read that you get the shipping back in points, is that correct?)
    If not, then on top of my order each month I pay $9-12 in shipping? That is basically the 25% discount on a $50 order.

    • You do not have to buy so much product each month. They do have an monthly program but it is optional but very good. You can get up to 30% of your product back in points. For regular orders you can get half of the shipping back in points. For the monthly (LRP) orders, you get all the shipping back as points.

  45. I AM A BELIEVER by accident !!! I have not been sick at my job when everyone else has been (I believe) I used On Guard FABULOUS! Lavendar is a saving GRACE
    JUST TRY IT! What do you have to lose!?

  46. I love high quality essential oils. I’ve been using them for about 8 months now and am always impressed with the results. We use them for health as well as cleaning the house!

  47. I have never tried these oils at all. I want to try one for sleep. My head races at night time. I love the roll on. I think there is no waste oil that way:):)

  48. Thank you so much for all of the helpful information regarding EO’s… As a oil “newbie”, I find it really informative, and I’m enjoying seeing how some of these oils best fit my needs.

  49. Yes! It’s totally possible to join with me. I have people under me all over the world. Mexico is an exciting place to join because they opened up there recently and there is a lot of opportunity for growth there if you want to sell the oils (but you don’t have to). I don’t speak Spanish but I am related to several people who speak fluently. It sounds like you know English great but I could have them translate things if we need to.

  50. Hi! I am so glad I came across your website! I have been using a few different oils for my family and have been wanting to expand my collection as well as build my own business. I can’t wait to keep reading and learning more!

  51. I have never tried essential oils and have been doing some research on it for the best ones to use. I would love to be able to try this!!! It is very interesting on how many things these oils can do. I love reading your tidbits that I get from you. Thanks!

    • Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you about essential oils. I’d love to help you with your research.

  52. I’m considering becoming a preferred member, but can’t find a list of prices. How much does shipping run? If shipping is pretty high, it might cost me less to just order them off Amazon with free shipping, where I only need 4-6 bottles every 6 months.

    Do you have a price list hidden somewhere here on the site?

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